Brunswick Knock Out Comparison

Ball used for comparison – Hammer Web T.E. Hybrid as the base reaction and has been drilled with a layout of 4-1/4×30. All balls when tested were used with their box finish. 

Brunswick Knock Out (Layout: 4-3/4”x30)

For a solid, this ball will clear the heads (at least on a fresh house pattern) and has a smooth, continuous move at the end of the pattern. From a rolling hand position to a release that creates more axis rotation the Knockout had different change in direction but still very versatile.

Comparing it to a Hammer Web Tour Hybrid (drilled close, 1/2″ pin closer to PAP) the Knock Out was 2/2 left and had more miss room to the right down lane. It also handled more volume than the Web T.E. Hybrid. Slower speed bowlers or bowlers that bowl on a lot of friction may need to adjust the cover or choose a ball designed for lighter volumes.

These are my views and your results may vary. Please go to the FTF Ball Comparison Info post to see how I was able to get the above information.

It’s important to know your personal specs to help you make the proper choices for your game and increase your scoring. I believe bowling balls are tools and using the ones that work against your specs, skill set and environment will cause issues.

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Thanks, be well & safe!
Juan Fonseca
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