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A GREAT series of videos from the guys at #trackbowling that help explain many of the elements that go into equipment selection. Subscribe to the full series HERE.

This is Episode 15: Label Talk

Junior Gold 365 by EBI

Planning on heading to Junior Gold?

See what great info is available at Junior Gold by EBI. #JuniorGold365 #EBI #Ebonite #JuniorGold2019 #AFutureForTheSport

Listen to insight from Hall of Famer, Tommy Jones, on building your tournament arsenal. Learn its importance and why it should be the first ball out of your bag every time you bowl. #JuniorGold365 #EBI #Ebonite #JuniorGold2018 #Dallas#AFutureForTheSport

Arsenal Building - Benchmark Ball
Arsenal Building - Dull Asymmetrical

Arsenal Building - Shiny Asymmetrical
Arsenal Building - Dull Symmetrical
Arsenal Building - Shiny Symmetrical
Arsenal Building - Urethane vs Polyester

Arsenal Building - Tommy's Arsenal

Latest Motiv Releases

Forge Fire (Infusion Hybrid) 10/26/19
Supra (Infusion Pearl Reactive) 11/25/19
Tank Blitz (Fixion+Microcell Polymer) 11/25/19
Rip Cord (Infusion Reactive Pearl)  7/24/19
Covert Tank (Frixion Microcell Polymar) 6/12/19
Thrill 5/1/19

Latest Storm Releases

Phaze III (R3S Hybrid Reactive) 12/13/19
Gravity Evolve (SPEC Solid Reactive) 10/25/19

All Road (NRG Hybrid Reactive) 10/25/19
PRO-MOTION 7/26/19
Astro Physix (R2S Reactive Pearl) 6/21/19
IQ Tour Emerald (R2S Reactive Pearl) 6/21/19

Latest 900 Global Releases

Honey Badger Extreme Pearl (S74R Pearl) 11/21/19
Honey Badger Extreme Solid (S74R Solid) 11/21/19
After Dark Hybrid (S30 Hybrid) 9/24/19

Money Badger Tour (S78R Solid) 9/24/19
Money Badger (S71 Pearl) 9/24/19
900 Global Poly (Clear Polyester) 7/16/19
Ordnance Pearl (S70 Pearl) 7/16/19
Ordnance (S70 Solid) 7/16/19
Badger Infused (S28 Hybrid Urethane) 7/16/19
Volt (S72R Pearl) 7/16/19
Flux (S72R Solid) 7/16/19

Latest Brunswick Releases

Vintage Phantom (Savvy Hook Solid 2.0) D.O.T. 11/5/19
Melee Jab SE (Savvy Hook 2.0 Pearl) 10/15/19
LR Tzone (Polyester) Frozen Bliss 10/15/19

Prism Solid (ACT Solid) D.O.T 10/15/19
Prism Hybrid (ACT Hybrid) D.O.T 10/15/19
Hero (Activator Plus 2.0 Pearl) Featuring D.O.T. 8/6/19
Vapor Zone Solid (Activator Plus 2.0 Solid) 8/6/19
Jagged Edge (Relativity 2.0 Solid) 7/9/19
Jagged Edge (Relativity 2.0 Hybrid) 7/9/19

Latest Radical Releases

Conspiracy Theory (TP-1 Pearl) 10/15/19
The Closer (Ai-39 Solid) 10/15/19
Zing! (Forged 2 Solid) 8/6/2019
Squatch Solid ( Ai-39 Solid) 8/6/2019
Counter Attack Pearl (Ai-20 Pearl) 7/2/2019
Counter Attack (Ai-20 Solid) 7/2/2019
Conspiracy Hybrid (Forged 2 Hybrid) 7/2/2019

Latest DV8 Releases

Frequency (Flexure Hybrid) with Free Poly Ball 10/15/19
Verge (Inciter Solid) 10/15/19
Night Prowler (N-Forcer SF) Featuring D.O.T. 8/6/19
Poison Pearl (Toxin-SF Pearl) 7/9/19
Instigator (Instigator Solid) Featuring D.O.T. 7/9/19

Latest Roto Grip Releases

MVP Pearl (VTC-P19 Pearl) 11/29/19
Wild Streak (SureTrax-S19) 11/29/19
IDOL Pro 8/8/19
Halo Vision 8/8/19
MVP 8/8/19
Hot Cell 5/12/19