Regular Sessions

$50.00 per hour*

This includes athlete’s profile, showing your strengths and areas that need improvement. The training session will follow and a lesson plan will be outlined to help you meet your goals. We will also locate and mark your positive axis point (PAP), the most important piece of information on the how and why of your ball motion. A check of your grip and equipment is included as well as possible changes to improve both feel and reaction. Video can be added for an additional $10. This gives you the ability to see how your game looks vs. the way it feels.  Many athletes gain more information this way because video gives a more accurate description of motion causes and effects.

Arsenal Analysis/Bowlers MAP

$150 for a 2 hour session*

BowlersMAP™ is a video and computer analysis program designed specifically for bowling. Different angles of the physical game are videotaped, analyzed and a lesson plan is drawn up using this information. Drawing tools and isolated camera frames are used for a complete breakdown of your physical game, how the ball rolls and what changes are needed to get your desired results. Having the ability to compare your game with some of the world’s top bowlers gives you a better understanding of what is needed for you to compete at the highest levels.

Fill The Frames Blueprint

$60 for this session*

This is for the bowler who would like a template of their own game. Bowler’s Blueprint will give you all the information you need to make a comparison with when things don’t feel just right. You will be given an Athlete’s Assessment sheet with all your current statistics and a copy of your videos. A file will be stored and waiting for you for future comparisons. If you would like a compare your current style to a previous one, a re-shoot can be taken and all files will be compared. The cost of creating and maintaining your file is $60, with a re-shoot and comparison fee of $40. If a lesson is requested at the time of the re-shoot, the fee will be $60.