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FTF Release List - Updated 1/13/2021

Download our PDF handy list to stay current with ALL the latest releases HERENew releases through February 2021!

Product Ordering and Processing

Although our services have been reduced is some ways, they have expanded in others. We hope the following will explain how our business model has changed. While having a retail presence is difficult due to rising costs, we are still able to process orders with full payment. This will work in a different manner.

If you are looking for a specific product, please fill out the simple form provided on this page. After you send us your order request, we will check to see if the products are available from our distributors. Please understand some of the manufacturers may have either been closed or have limited working hours, so some items might not be available at the time of your order.

We will contact you if your order cannot be processed. If the order can be filled, we will then send you an estimate for your order. The price will include: item price, sales tax, labor (if needed) and a credit card processing fee. In the past, the credit card fee was included in our retail pricing. This is no longer the case. We are not "up charging" these fees, this is the same amount our processing vendor is charging us. We are including in the estimate to be as transparent as possible for our customers. We will then contact you for your credit card  information and a receipt will be sent from our vendor, Square, Inc.

Drop shipping with insurance to you is available at an additional fee. Please contact us for a shipping estimate and time frame.

Thank you for your time and we look forward in assisting you in your purchasing,

Juan Fonseca
(310) 784-1901
Owner- Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff- California

How to Purchase from FTF

Please submit a request for a quote with the form below.

Brunswick Products

Knock Out 1/14/21
Hero Solid 11/5/2020
Zenith 11/5/2020
Melee Jab Blood Red 9/3/2020
Prism Warp Hybrid 9/3/2020
Igniter Solid 7/2/2020
Igniter Pearl 7/2/2020
U-Motion 3/5/2020
Prism Warp D.O.T 3/5/2020

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Brunswick YouTube channel

Brunswick Bags
Brunswick website

Brunswick Shoes
Brunswick Website

Brunswick Apparel
Brunswick website

Brunswick Accessories
Brunswick website

Hammer Products

Hammer Web M.B. 11/19/2020
Hammer Black Widow 2.0 11/19/2020
Web Tour Hybrid 9/3/2020
Redemption Hybrid 8/7/2020
Fugitive Solid 8/7/2020
Redemption Solid 2/20/2020

Hammer Videos
Hammer YouTube channel.

Hammer Shoes
Hammer website

Hammer Bags
Hammer Website

Hammer Accessories
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Hammer KR Strikeforce Products
KR Strikeforce website

Track Products

Proof Hybrid 1/14/21
Latitude Pearl 11/5/2020
Strata 11/5/2020
Proof Pearl 9/3/2020
Tempo 8/7/2020

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Track KR Strikeforce Products
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900 Global Products

Reality 1/29/21
Ordnance C4 11/27/2020
Zen 11/27/2020
Afterburner 8/28/2020
Honey Badger Revival 8/28/2020
Aspect 8/28/2020
Volatility Torque 8/28/2020

Volt Solid 3/10/2020
Flux Pearl 3/10/2020
Boost 1/16/2020
Volatility 1/16/2020
Equilibrium 1/16/2020

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KR Strikeforce

KR Strikeforce Bags

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NFL Licensed Products
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Robby's Products

Powerhouse Products

Radical Products

Results Plus 1/14/21
Bonu$ Pearl 1/14/21
Incognito 11/19/2020
Pandemonium 10/15/2020
Results Solid 10/15/2020
Zing! Pearl 8/7/20
Bonu$ 8/7/20

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Radical Apparel
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Radical Accessories
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Ebonite Products

Aero Dynamix 1/14/21
Allure Solid 12/3/2020
Omni Hybrid 10/15/2020
Aero  9/3/2020
New Maxim Colors 9/3/2020
Stinger Hybrid (Emerald Pearl/Navy)  7/2/2020
Stinger Pearl (Plum Pearl) 7/2/2020

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Ebonite KR Strikeforce Products
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Storm Products

Hy-Road MAX 2/19/2021
Incite 2/19/2021
Proton Physix 12/4/2020
Fast Pitch 10/9/2020
Axiom Pearl 10/9/2020
Parallax 8/7/2020
!Q Tour Nano 8/7/2020
Trend 8/7/2020

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Motiv Products

Jackal Legacy 1/29/21
Forge Flare 12/4/2020
Fatal Venom 12/4/2020
VIP- ExJ (Limited Release) 10/14/2020
Jackal Flash 9/16/2020
Desert Tank 6/17/2020
Allegiant Sniper 6/17/2020
Thrill 7/22/2020

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Inserts & Apparel

Turbo Grips

Vise Inserts

Ultimate Bowling Products
Ultimate Bowling

High 5 Bowling Gear

Logo Infusion
Logo Infusion

Strike 12 Creations
Strike 12

DV8 Products

Decree Pearl 12/3/2020
Warrant Solid 12/3/2020

Intimidator Pearl 10/15/2020
Decree 8/6/20
Verge Pearl 8/6/20

DV8 Videos
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DV8 Bags
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DV8 Apparel
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DV8 Accessories
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Columbia 300 Products

Command 1/14/21
Outlook Solid 10/15/2020
Dynamic Swing 10/15/2020
Authority Solid 9/3/2020
White Dot NEW COLORS (Lava Fire & Black/Purple/Silver)  8/7/2020
The Beast Hybrid (Blue/Red/Black & Black/Pink/Purple)  7/2/2020
The Beast Pearl (Purple SparkleBlue Pearl) 7/2/2020

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Roto Grip Products

Rubicon UC2 1/29/21
Idol Synergy 11/27/2020
RST X-1 11/27/2020
Rubicon 9/4/2020
MVP Attitude 8/7/2020
Hustle PBR 6/26/2020
Hustle RAP 6/26/2020
Nuclear Cell 3/6/2020

Roto Grip Videos
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Roto Grip Bags
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Roto Grip Apparel
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Roto Grip Accessories
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On-The-Ball Products

NFL On Fire Collection  (all 32 NFL teams)

NFL On Fire Pin Collection (all 32 NFL teams)

Complete On The Ball Website

Dexter Shoe Company

Dexter Performance

Athletic Style Footwear

Soles, Heels, Bags, Insoles, Shoe Protectors
Dexter Accessories