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Latest Releases - Updated 10/26/2021

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FTF Inventory Lists

Visit our current list of items available for immediate purchase. FTF will update this list periodically. Last updated 9/7/21.

Some items maybe sold, please contact us with any questions. Each price is for an individual item. Price does not include shipping from CA, PayPal G&S fees or CC processing fees which are slightly higher due to our vendor. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for your interest.

DOT Explained

Brunswick’s patent-pending Durability Optimization Technology (DOT) represents a revolutionary change in the way bowling balls are manufactured. Developed by Brunswick engineers with one goal in mind – to significantly reduce cracking in performance bowling balls.

Great video to help illustrate:  Click Here to View

Brunswick Products

Quantum EVO Pearl 10/22/2021
Quantum EVO Solid 10/22/2021
Zenith Hybrid 8/20/2021
Melee Jab 8/20/2021
Stellar 7/30/2021
Crown Jewel 7/30/2021
Rhino 6/3/2021
Twist 6/3/2021
Zenith Pearl 3/4/2021
Knock Out 1/14/21
Zenith 11/5/2020
U-Motion 3/5/2020

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Hammer Products

Black Widow Ghost Pearl 11/19/21
Black Widow Viz-A-Ball 11/19/21
Obsession Tour Pearl 9/24/21
Infamous 9/24/21
Scorpion 7/30/21
Hammer Web Pearl 7/30/21
Purple Pearl Urethane 7/16/21
Raw Hammer (Solid) 6/3/21
Raw Hammer (Hybrid) 6/3/21
Raw Hammer (Pearl - BLUE / SILVER / WHITE) 6/3/21
Raw Hammer (Pearl - PURPLE / PINK / SILVER) 6/3/21
Obsession Tour 2/18/21
Obsession 2/18/21
Hammer Web M.B. 11/19/2020
Hammer Black Widow 2.0 11/19/2020
Web Tour Hybrid 9/3/2020

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Track Products

Heat 11/19/21
Legion Pearl 8/20/21
Strata Hybrid 6/3/21
Kinetic Platinum 3/4/21
Latitude Pearl 11/5/2020
Strata 11/5/2020

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900 Global Products

Honey Badger Poly TBD
Zen Master 8/27/2021
Honey Badger Intensity 3/12/21
Reality 1/29/21
Ordnance C4 11/27/2020
Zen 11/27/2020
Honey Badger Revival 8/28/2020

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KR Strikeforce

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Head Pin Bowlers CBD

Radical Products

Trail Blazer 11/12/21
Payback 10/22/21
Intel Pearl SE 8/6/21
Informer 8/6/21
Maximum Results 6/17/21
The Spy 6/17/21
Incognito Pearl 3/18/21
Results Solid 10/15/2020
Results Plus 1/14/21
Bonu$ Pearl 1/14/21
Incognito 11/19/2020
Results Solid 10/15/2020
Bonu$ 8/7/20

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Ebonite Products

Polaris 9/24/21
Game Breaker ASYM 8/6/21
Puma 8/6/21
Game Breaker 4 3/18/21
Aero Dynamix 1/14/21
Allure Solid 12/3/2020
Omni Hybrid 10/15/2020
Aero  9/3/2020
New Maxim Colors 9/3/2020
Stinger Hybrid (Emerald Pearl/Navy)  7/2/2020
Stinger Pearl (Plum Pearl) 7/2/2020

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Storm Products

Electrify Solid 10/29/21
Trend 2 10/29/21
Dark Code 6/18/21
Parallax Effect 3/12/21
Hy-Road MAX 2/19/21
Incite 2/19/21
Proton Physix 12/4/2020
Fast Pitch 10/9/2020
Axiom Pearl 10/9/2020
Parallax 8/7/2020
!Q Tour Nano 8/7/2020
Trend 8/7/2020

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Motiv Products

Iron Forge 11/24/21
The Pride 10/13/21
Supra Enzo 9/1/21
Top Thrill - Purple/Red Pearl 8/18/21
Top Thrill - Blue/Green Pearl 8/18/21
Trident Horizon 4/14/21
Purple Tank 3/10/21
Jackal Legacy 1/29/21
Forge Flare 12/4/2020
Fatal Venom 12/4/2020
VIP- ExJ (Limited Release) 10/14/2020
Jackal Flash 9/16/2020
Desert Tank 6/17/2020
Allegiant Sniper 6/17/2020

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Inserts & Apparel

Turbo Grips
Vise Inserts
Ultimate Bowling Products
Ultimate Bowling
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Logo Infusion
Logo Infusion
Strike 12 Creations
Strike 12

DV8 Products

Medusa 10/22/21
Hell Raiser Blaze 8/20/21
Activ8 6/4/21
Damn Good Verge 2/18/21
Hell Raiser Return 2/18/21
Decree Pearl 12/3/2020
Warrant Solid 12/3/2020
Intimidator Pearl 10/15/2020
Decree 8/6/20
Verge Pearl 8/6/20

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Columbia 300 Products

Power Torq 9/24/21
Command Solid 7/30/21
The Beast (Lime/Sky/Black)  6/3/2021
Command 1/14/21
Outlook Solid 10/15/2020
White Dot NEW COLORS (Lava Fire & Black/Purple/Silver)  8/7/2020
The Beast Hybrid (Blue/Red/Black & Black/Pink/Purple)  7/2/2020
The Beast Pearl (Purple SparkleBlue Pearl) 7/2/2020

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Roto Grip Products

Rubicon UC3 11/19/21
Idol Helios 11/19/21
Hyped Hybrid 10/29/21
Hyped Pearl 10/29/21
RST X-2 8/27/2021
Hustle Wine 7/23/21
Hustle Camo 7/23/21
UFO Alert 6/18/21
Rubicon UC 1/29/21
Idol Synergy 11/27/2020
RST X-1 11/27/2020
Rubicon 9/4/2020
Hustle PBR 6/26/2020
Hustle RAP 6/26/2020

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On-The-Ball Products

NFL On Fire Collection  (all 32 NFL teams)

NFL On Fire Pin Collection (all 32 NFL teams)

Complete On The Ball Website

Dexter Shoe Company

Dexter Performance
Athletic Style Footwear
Soles, Heels, Bags, Insoles, Shoe Protectors
Dexter Accessories