Hammer Fugitive Solid (WWRD 8/6/2020)

Hammer Fugitive Solid

 With the announcement of the new Hammer Fugitive Solid, bowlers will be getting a lot of bang for the buck.  Early testing has this ball with a smoother reaction than the Hammer Redemption Solid (due to its symmetrical core), but could also handle the same medium-heavy volumes of lane conditioner. The eye catching Blue, Black and Orange color scheme will grab other bowler’s attention while you are knocking down more pins.

The Juiced Solid cover stock was recently used on the Hammer Ruthless (2.52/0.041 @15 lbs.) and Diesel Torque (2.51/0.046 @15lbs.) before that, but has a stronger engine to give you the reaction you’ve been looking for. The new Fugitive core at 15 lbs. has an RG of 2.486 and a High Diff of .052, which will give a stronger and earlier reaction. The Fugitive Solid’s box finish comes in at 500/2000 Siaair to help it cut through the oil. If you are a bowler who uses lighter weight equipment (12-13 lbs), Hammer has exchanged the Fugitive core with one that will give you the same reaction as the heavier counterparts. It’s all about keeping the numbers close to work with the cover stock and total ball weight. In the testing, I saw the Fugitive solid at least 5 boards more into the oil than the Hammer Fugitive with a smoother but continuous motion down lane.

As with the Pro performance Hammer balls, the Fugitive Solid has an outer core that is carbon fiber infused and has a 2 year warranty from the purchase date. Keeping solid cover stocks clean will help keep the performance help your ball last longer when used on conditions it designed for.


Recommended cleaner: Hammer Tough Scrub.

Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California