Hammer Web Tour Edition Hybrid (WWRD 9/3/2020)

Web Tour Edition Hybrid

 The Hammer Web Tour has been a favorite for its controlled motion when the conditions called for it. League and tournament bowlers of all levels bought at least one, which made them scarce. Hammer Bowling brings you the next incarnation, the Hammer Web TE Hybrid.

Using the same Spheroid TE core with the specs of an RG of 2.470 and Diff of a controllable 0.030 at 15 lbs., you will see a ball motion with more length and a strong continuation down lane than the original. The lighter weights at 12 and 13 have an adjusted core with a higher RG of 2.585 and a higher Diff of 0.040. The adjustment will give similar motions for bowlers who need to use lighter weights and have slower ball speeds.

The colors are Black and Blue Pearl and with the TourV1 Hybrid cover and a smoother box finish at 500/1500 Siaair Micro Pad, the Web TE Hybrid matches up for medium volumes or for bowlers who had to adjust the original’s surface because it seemed too strong overall for their bowling environment.

This ball will add performance and versatility to you bag. Get your orders in a.s.a.p., you won’t regret it.


Recommended cleaner: Hammer Tough Scrub.

Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California