Hammer Web M.B. (WWRD 11/19/2020)


Hammer Web M.B.

 Following the tremendous and continued success of the Hammer Web TE Hybrid, Hammer Bowling introduces the new Web M.B. (Mass Bias) to its Upper-Mid Performance line. With a reshaping of the spheroid core to change this ball into a medium asymmetrical (0.018), the Web M.B. adds a stronger back end motion. Using the Semtex base (found on earlier Black Widows) and adding new additives will make this ball ideal for medium oil volumes. The colors are a combination of Dark Blue & Purple and are finished at 500/1000 Siaair with Crown Factory Compound added. As always with Hammer balls the outer core is carbon fiber infused. Lighter weights (12-13 lbs.) have an adjusted core that still gives a diff of 0.043 and an asym. diff of 0.011. The new Hammer Web M.B. would also be a perfect complement to the……. 


Recommended cleaner: Hammer Tough Scrub.

Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California