Hammer Obsession Tour (WWRD 2/18/21)


Hammer Obsession Tour

The Hammer Obsession Tour shares the same core shape as the Obsession with the difference being the flip block has been removed. This will create less flare, less hook and a more controllable reaction compared to the regular Obsession. This would allow bowlers to stay in the same area of the lane while maintaining a smooth reaction. The core numbers on 15lbs are RG 2.469 DIFF .034 ASY DIFF .013. The biggest number change is the differential being .016 less than the Obsession. Another difference is the coverstock which is an updated version of the Tour cover found on the Web Tour balls, the Tour V2 Solid. This combination is great if a bowler is uncomfortable moving in or for a high rev player looking for control. Personally, I like the Web Tours and I see this being a big brother for more volumes. The color is a solid Burgundy finished at 500/1000 Siaair Micro Pad. The 12 and 13lbers have the same adjusted core in both balls with only the difference being the coverstock.


Recommended cleaner: Hammer Tough Scrub.

Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California