Hammer Web Pearl • Hammer Scorpion • Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Comparison

Ball used for comparison – Hammer Web T.E. Hybrid as the base reaction and has been drilled with a layout of 4-1/4” x 30*. The PAP used is 5-1/4”x1/4”^. All balls when tested were used with their box finish. 

 Hammer Web Pearl (Layout: 4-3/4”x30*) 

Having never rolled the original Black/Silver released on 9/10/2019, I did drill them for some clients and I liked what I saw. The new Web Pearl has the same cover (with a slight finish adjustment), same Spheroid core and comes in a new color combo of Jade/Smoke. On the fresh, the Web Pearl handled the same volume as the Web T.E. Hybrid, but gave me a cleaner path and more miss room and recovery to strike. While promoted as a skid/flip reaction, I saw it as a somewhere in between the Web T.E. and the quicker reacting Web M.B. This is very good for league play with higher friction to start or when they transition after some games have been bowled on the pair. Alignment moves may be smaller and the cover can be adjusted. If you missed the first release or have been waiting for its return, you should grab them while you can. 

Hammer Scorpion (Layout: 4-3/4” x30*)

Seeing the tech sheet I was very interested in the Scorpion. I thought I would like this and I was happy to be right. Compared to the Web T.E. Hybrid, the Scorpion was 4/2 stronger, I could open my angles and it coasted through the body of the oil and rolled strong in the midlane and backend. The Scorpion would be a great transition from Asyms (Black Widow 2.0 of higher) to handle the volume, but smooth out the front to mid lane launch angle. The Core is the LED 2.0 and is an adjusted version (lower RG and higher diff) than the LED core found in the Purple Pearl Urethane and has the Semtex Hybrid cover (Dark Legend, Fierce Phobia). This may replace the Web T.E. Hybrid as my first ball out of the bag due to its versatility and response to release changes for different ball motions. The Scorpion and Web Pearl would make a great 1-2 punch for most league bowlers.

Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane (Layout: 4-1/4” x25*)

To be honest, I was an observer on all the hype over the original (2016) release. I wasn’t bowling much and didn’t see the need for a urethane reaction, although I have the Black Hammer Urethane and Black Widow Urethane. I just never used them much. I ordered a Purple Pearl to get answers. The OOB surface looks like it would stick to the lane. The first time I bowled with it was at the end of a practice session and the alignment was just inside of the track area which had opened up. 2 shots…NOPE! I didn’t like what I saw; the ball rolled too early and hit flat, but that is not what the ball is designed for. The next time when I was testing the above balls, I was in the body of the oil and striking with the Scorpion and decided, why not? When it came out of the volume, the reaction was very easy to read and adjust to. I can see it on short, med-heavy volume shots where controlling the friction and pocket is crucial. It may be a “let’s try this” choice when everything else is not looking good. A possible surface change or lane shine could change the reaction point. I think every serious tournament bowler should have one (some have many, many more) in their bag as an option. League only bowlers may not benefit from it on what they see daily; but it depends on the bowler’s specs, skill set and environment that should be factored in before purchasing. 

These are my views and your results may vary. Please go to the FTF Ball Comparison Info post to see how I was able to get the above information. You can also download a PDF of the information in this post to read at your convenience.

It’s important to know your personal specs to help you make the proper choices for your game and increase your scoring. I believe bowling balls are tools and using the ones that work against your specs, skill set and environment will cause issues.

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Juan Fonseca
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