Brunswick Quantum Evo Solid (WWRD 10/22/2021)

Brunswick Quantum Evo

 There is a lot of new technology in both balls. Each one starts with same mushroom shape. The cores are modified to achieve certain RG, Diff. and Int. Diff. numbers and compliment the cover stock for each ball. This will give a better distinction in and which ball to use to match up on the lanes. Also new is DynamiCore2. Previous Quantums were known for their thick shells. With the new core designs and Dynamicore2, it allows for greater ranges of core numbers while maintaining the hitting power and durability that Quantums are known for. Made with D.O.T. allows for more drilling versatility. Also the same cores are found in all available weights 16-12 lbs.

Brunswick Quantum EVO Solid

This ball is built for heavy volumes. In the past most balls that were built for more volumes, they could lose energy as they traveled down the lane. Not so with the new formulations of the Evolution Reactive Coverstock. Combined with the fast revving core, a ball motion would read the lane from release to the pins. If you are a speed dominate bowler who has trouble on med-heavy to heavy volumes, take a look at the Brunswick Quantum EVO Solid. The colors are easy to see at Blue/Lime/Purple.

 Recommended Cleaner: Brunswick Crown Scrubbing Gel  

Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California