Hammer 3-D Offset Comparison

Compared to the Hammer Obsession, Hammer Obsession Tour, Black Widow Ghost 

Hammer Bowling is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the 3-D Offset. This core was designed by Mo Pinel and was a big favorite on its initial release. Using a core that is close to the original shape, an updated cover stock for today’s conditions and the color and engraving that looks like it came out of 1997. Don’t forget Hammer has added the carbon fiber outer core and D.O.T. for durability and flexibility of drilling. 

I believe many bowlers of different styles will appreciate the way the Hammer 3D Offset rolls throughout the lane. Being built for medium-heavy volumes, surface adjustments can be made. All balls when tested were used with their box finish and cleaned regularly. My PAP is 5-1/4”x1/4”^ with low tilt at 1.67* and I’m considered matched rev rate to ball speed. The pattern is a fresh 42’ with more volume starting at 11 in. Outside of 6 tends to be a difficult starting point due to the topography of the center and less side to side taper. The track area opens up quickly and starting positions and angles need to be adjusted. The ball that I based this report off is the Hammer Scorpion (4-3/4”x30*). 

After getting warmed up and finding a good read of the lane, the starting position for the Hammer Scorpion was feet at 23, targeting 11/12 at the arrows and the focal point was the center of the 6 pin (9). Very easy read and flush hits using a rolling release. 

 Hammer 3-D Offset (45*x5”x30*) – Hammer Obsession (55*x4-1/2”x35*) 

The current heavy volume High Performance ball in the Hammer line is the Obsession. Because of the medium-light volume of oil, the Obsession tended to start up too early. However since the lanes were fresh, I was able to get into the volume and close down my angles with a rolling release. It didn’t last long and the Obsession would be better used for more volume. The 3-D started 3/4 left of the Scorpion and the focal point opened to between the 6/10. The3-D was cleaner than the Obsession and hit great due to saving more energy. The motion off the end of the pattern to my eye would be considered continuous. 

Hammer 3-D Offset (45*x5”x30*) – Hammer Obsession Tour (55*x4-1/2”x35*) 

Using the same release, the Obsession Tour was a more controlled but still burned energy to soon to carry 10 pins consistently. Again moving more into the oil, opening angles and changing hand position to add more axis rotation the 3-D cleared and recovered for flush strikes. I began to notice that the head area I was in started to hook earlier. With the absorption rate of the Obsessions and the lighter volume, this happened very quickly. More axis rotation and moving into the oil solved this issue. 

 Hammer 3-D Offset (45*x5”x30*) – Hammer Black Ghost (45×5”x25)

The 3-D Offset is stronger than the Ghost. With both balls striking flush, the difference is apparent. The 3-D was 4/2 left, and the focal point opened from the right side of the 6 (Ghost) to the center of the 10 (3-D). This may not seem a lot but the angle and distance is big throughout the procession of the entire shot. 

The Hammer 3-D Offset is a great piece and out of the box it would fit between the Obsession Tour and the Black Widow Ghost. The Obsession Tour Pearl would be close, but it would have a sooner smoother ball motion. Surface changes with the 3-D is possible, but I suggest not going to extremes and let this ball show what it can do with angle and hand position changes. I believe this is a versatile ball that serious bowlers should check out at their favorite shop. 

I hope this View helps give you a better understanding between balls in the Hammer line. As always, what you bowl on and more importantly you skill set will determine your choice in equipment. You can always contact me with any questions or schedule a consultation session on your current equipment. Visit the Coaching & Services page on our website, email us at www.info@filltheframes.com or you call and text messages to (310) 784-1901.

Thanks, be well & safe!
Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services