Hammer Ocean Vibe Comparison

Compared to the Hammer Ocean Vibe, Hammer Raw Pearl & Hammer Web pearl

Another anticipated release on 07/08/2022 from Hammer Bowling is the Hammer Ocean Vibe. Many bowlers are excited to see the Vibe line reemerge and it was worth the wait. The pattern is a slightly bowled on (4 games with Solids) 42’ pattern that is approximately 8:1 ratio with a moderate taper. I have not been able to get the exact number from the center so this is my best guess. My PAP is 5-1/4”x1/4”^ with low tilt at 1.67* and I’m considered matched rev rate to off the hand ball speed which is about 17.25 mph. All core numbers are at 15lbs pre-drilled.

Hammer Ocean Vibe – 2.510 .042 • (4”x 35*)

Comparison to the Hammer Raw Pearl, Hammer Web Pearl ‘21. 
The ball that I based this report off is the Hammer Raw Solid 2.537 .038 (4-3/4”x30*)

After comparing the Hammer Dark Web and the Track Stealth, some of the conditioner was taken off the lane and board right of 8 started to open up. Starting with the Raw Solid again, I was 4/2 left (28/15) with a slightly closed angle to the focal point between the 6 and 10 pins than what I started on the fresh. A ball change was needed to get a better conclusion.

 Hammer Raw Pearl – 2.537 .038 • (4-3/4”x30*)

Switching to the Raw Pearl to compare pearl to pearl made the test easier. The Raw Pearl is drilled the same as the Raw Solid. The only difference is the coverstock and prep. The cover was transferred over from the Fugitive Pearl (as was the Solid) and is much stronger than entry level balls. I moved a bit right (27/15) and saw a cleaner motion in the same part of the lane. It was pretty easy to get to the pocket as a switch when the transition happened. The shape out of the pattern was rounded and makes adjustments simple. This made the Raws look like a good 1-2 punch for the money. Look into both, if you are in need of new equipment and budgeting.

Hammer Web Pearl ’21 – 2.481 .048 • (4-3/4”x30*)

Changing to the Web Pearl, it’s easy to see that this is a stronger pearl and core combo. I could move in gradually and open up the lane. The Web pearl was earlier and stronger in a direction change. I haven’t seen such a versatile pearl at this level in a long time.

Hammer Ocean Vibe – 2.510 .042 • (4”x 35*)

Fact: This ball is stunning just sitting on the rack. The Vibe was the most asked about release after the Black Widows. This will be a popular choice for all levels of bowlers. The coverstock is a pearlized version of the Orange Vibe cover and is very clean in the oil. The reaction shape is quick and angular when it finds friction. While I was using a more rolling hand position, the Ocean Vibe still had an angular motion. I changed my hand position to provide more rotation and tilt which did create more length. The Ocean went another 1-2” longer and had a great move out of the pattern. I could move into where I was with the Dark Web (34/20) and get a different ball motion. Personally, I would take the polish off to open up the hook range down lane and smooth out the reaction a bit. The Vibe core is a favorite for a reason and I can see why. While the Ocean Vibe is offered from 10-16lbs, the cores are changed in the 12-13lb range, but give similar number in the heavier counterparts. The 10-11lbs. will offer an option to bowlers who need lighter weights but want more than a polyester ball in motion. Paired with the Hammer Dark Web, any bowler will have a great 1-2 punch to get started in bowling or replace a ball or two. Talk to your favorite shop about the Ocean Vibe today!

I hope this View helps give you a better understanding between balls in the past and current Hammer lines. As always, what you bowl on and more importantly you skill set will determine your choice in equipment. You can always contact me with any questions or schedule a consultation session on your current equipment. Visit the Coaching & Services page on our website, email us at www.info@filltheframes.com or you call and text messages to (310) 784-1901.

Thanks, be well & safe!
Juan Fonseca
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