Hammer Envy Comparison

Welcome to Fill The Frames Bowling Services’ ball comparison report of the Hammer Envy. The Hammer Envy which is designed to be Hammer’s strongest ball ever. This comparison was done with the balls below and using Hammer Dark Web as a warm up and benchmark motion.

The pattern is 43’ that has 12:1 ratio with a moderate taper front to back and a strong drop off at 7 on each side with approximately 25mls.  My PAP is 5-1/4”x1/4”^ with low tilt at 6* and I’m considered matched rev rate to off the hand ball speed which is about 17.25 mph. All the noted core numbers are at 15lbs pre-drilled. I prefer to keep my drilling similar for comparison reasons. However, please check any changes. I will note if I would adjust the layout to what I believe would benefit the ball’s design.

Hammer Envy 2.505 .055 .021 (45*x4-1/2”x 45*)

Comparison to the Hammer Dark Web, Hammer Black Widow 2.0, Hammer Obsession

While the Obsession was the last HP ball for oil, this one is closer to the Redemption Solid in shape and it’s stronger and more continuous through the pins. Personally, I can’t use strong solid asyms very often due to my speed and the amount of friction I see most of the time. They have a tendency to roll forward of the back of the pattern and my reaction area is limited. However, I can use them on more volume and longer lengths. Out of the box, the surface cut through the freshly oiled lane and I was “here I go again”. After getting some shots in the ball did not weaken, but became more readable as it went down the lane. There was over 6” of flare and this proved the need for more volume for me to use it efficiently. With the new Launcher core, revving up was easy and progressively stronger throughout the ball motion phases. The Envy began to rev up just past the arrows and kept building. With the radical disc and the flip block opposing each other, the Envy had more directional change at the end of the pattern. With some hand position changes, there was more change of direction than I’ve seen at this ball level. I was seeing a ball reaction that I normally see in the upper-mid and mid Hammer lines on what we see on a daily basis. Touching the friction too soon will not give anyone (other than speed dominate bowlers) a good reaction. Bowlers who are speed dominate and has other equipment not read soon enough, the Hammer Envy would be an excellent choice. If you are a tournament bowler whose current arsenal struggles on higher volumes or is too jumpy on Sport patterns, the Envy should get a good look.

Hammer Dark Web 2.514 .048 (4”x35*)

Being on fresh the Hammer Dark Web might be a touch to strong for me with its box finish. The striking alignment was feet at 25, targeting 13 at the arrows and the focal point was between the 6/10. This kept the ball in the oil and didn’t touch the friction too soon down lane. 

Comparison: The Dark Web is smoother than the Envy and a great choice for daily volumes as a benchmark. The Envy struck at32/19/6.

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 2.500 .058 .016 (45*x5”x25*)

The cover of the Dark Web and 2.0 are the same Aggression Solid although the 2.0 is smoother (500/1K/2K Siaair) out of the box. Going back to the alignment of the Dark Web the move was 2/2 left to get to the pocket. Switching to the Envy I had to move (30/18/R10) and added axis rotation and tilt to see what the Envy could do. 

Comparison: The Envy would be a ball to switch to if the 2.0 quits when moving to more volume (and that’s saying something).

Hammer Obsession 2.468 .050 .013 (55*x4-1/2”x35*)

The coverstocks on the Obsession and the Envy are the same formulation (Envy Solid), however the Obsession had CFI (Carbon Fiber Infused) added. Since the Envy has a stronger core, Hammer adjusted the cover to get the motion they wanted. Both are box at 500/1500 Siaair Micro Pad. The number that stands out is the RG which comes in at 2.505 vs. the 2.468. The higher number usually helps the ball get further down the lane. This is where the balance of the core and cover hit the intended motion on the volume for most bowlers. Starting where I was lined up with the Dark Web (25/14/6-10) my move was (28/16/10) due to the strength of the ball.

Comparison: The Envy was stronger overall with recovery that was better even if it hits the friction earlier down lane. The Envy was 4/3 left.

I hope this View helps give you a better understanding between balls in the past and current Hammer lines. As always, what you bowl on and more importantly you skill set will determine your choice in equipment. You can always contact me with any questions or schedule a consultation session on your current equipment. Visit the Coaching & Services page on our website, email us at www.info@filltheframes.com or you call and text messages to (310) 784-1901.

Thanks, be well & safe!
Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services