Brunswick Defender Hybrid (WWRD 10/21/2022)


 Brunswick Defender Hybrid

The Defender continues to be a med-heavy volume choice for league and tournament bowlers. The PortalX core provides a nice, readable motion for an asym. You will be seeing some new coverstock formulas and the first is the HyperKinetic22 (HK22) found on the Brunswick Defender Hybrid. While we won’t be going into the tech, more information can be found on the Brunswick website. HK22 will handle more volume and create a stronger, more responsive breakpoint. Using HK22, the colors seem to pop giving the Defender Hybrid a great look. The colors are Pink/Purple/Violet. This combo will turn heads and so will all the strike. Built with DynamiCore and D.O.T., you get versatility in drilling and durability.


 Recommended Cleaner: Brunswick Reaction Recharge  

Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California