Hammer Purple Solid Reactive (WWRD 11/18/2022)

Core 16-15
Core 14
Core 13-12

Hammer Purple Solid Reactive

Purple. There are a lot of purple balls on the market. The thing that separates them is their motion going down the lane and through the pins. The amazingly popular Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane continues to be a tournament favorite.

I have been asked why I don’t use Urethane very often. The fact is due to how I bowl (release specs and speed) and what I see on a daily basis, urethanes limit my M.o.E. (Margin of Error) and pin carry. Hammer has now developed a ball built the same as the Purple Pearl Urethane, but has changed the coverstock to a solid reactive. The core numbers have changed due to the cover density. This will create a more angular shape down lane than the Pearl Urethane. In the 14lber, carbon fiber outer core is used and an alternate core is used in the 12-13lbs balls. But the motion is still there. Bowlers who have wanted to go with the urethane motion should really take a look at the Purple Solid Reactive. The cover can be adjusted but at the intro seminar, the ball was very versatile and bowlers of different styles could play various parts of the lanes. I will be testing this release along with the next ball on this report.

Recommended cleaner: Ultimate Black Magic Rejuvenator


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Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California