Hammer Envy Tour (WWRD 2/23/2023)

February is bringing some new tech and exciting updates in equipment to get ready for tournament season. This month’s choices are from DV8, Hammer and Track. There is a good mix in reactions and intentions with these 4 and 2 are built the hottest cover base in bowling-HK22. More info is available at - https://brunswickbowling.com/products/hyperkinetic22Core numbers noted below are at 15lbs. All bowling balls (except Polys) have a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Hammer Envy Tour

Sometimes bowlers need a motion they didn’t know would be so beneficial to matching up to the conditions and friction they face. The Hammer Obsession Tour is one of those balls. It created great traction without have a big move on the backend, but the move that was needed- controlled roll. Most lane reading balls have this trait, but when they are on heavier volumes they just don’t have enough coverstock strength. Using the same core but bumping up the cover to the Envy Solid formula, the Envy Tour brings that option. I see this ball being a great option in many bowlers tournament bag. Just as the Obsession Tour was seen a lot at USBC Open Championships in the past 2 years, I see the Envy Tour hitting the lanes in Reno and Las Vegas, too. The ball is all black with purple logos and that is a favorite for a lot of bowlers.

Recommended cleaner: Power House Clean N’ Dull


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Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California