Hammer Dark Web Hybrid (WWRD 7/13/2023)

As we head toward Bowl Expo and the start of Trade Show Season, there will be plenty of new releases. In the Poly and “Entry” levels, you’ll see some color combos retired and new ones added to refresh those lines.  In the other levels, some balls will be retired and new ones will be introduced. This is why this report is V1, as I expect more releases being announced soon. Please check back for new versions and tell your friends and teammates.

Core numbers noted below are at 15lbs. All bowling balls (except Polys) have a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.


Hammer Dark Web Hybrid

 @15 lbs  2.514  .048  DynamiCore/D.O.T. 12- 16 lbs Alternate core 12-13 lbs, Alternate core 10-11 lbs • Core: Modified Spheroid • Coverstock: HK22- Aggression Hybrid

Benchmark - A ball reaction that is easy to read and make adjustments when needed. The Dark Web answered that call for many bowlers. The dense flip block helped in the direction change later. Bowling on more friction or when the lanes transition, another option may be needed. Hammer has now taken the HK22 Aggression Hybrid cover from the wildly popular Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid and put it around the Modified Spheroid core. With the symmetrical core, the motion will be smoother from front to back, but will still have a quick directional response to the down lane friction. Designed for medium to heavy volumes, this ball will allow you to keep your angles closed compared to using big asym cores.
Box Surface: 500/1000/2000 Siaair • Color: Blue/Purple/Black • Recommended Cleaner: Reaction Recharge


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Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California