Hammer Envy Tour Pearl Comparison

Welcome to Fill The Frames Bowling Services’ ball comparison report of the Hammer Envy Tour Pearl (WWRD 9/21/2023). We continue to present more information to help you make better choices when purchasing equipment replacements or additions. All numbers are for 15lb equipment

Hammer Envy Tour Pearl 2.469 .034 .013 (45°x4-1/2”x35°) • HK22 Envy Pearl 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/Factory Compound

Comparison to Hammer Envy Tour (2/23/2023), Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl (9/24/2021)
The Obsession Tour core is just flat out good. Bumping up the new Envy Pearl’s cover with the hottest cover base in the industry-HK22, I see a winner for many styles of bowlers. Early word is that this may be one of the best league condition balls ever. Time will tell. The Chrome color will stand out going down the lane or just sitting on the ball return. If you bowl on higher volumes, you can pair this with the Hammer Extreme Envy or your favorite heavy to Medium/Heavy conditioner ball choice. As the oil gets removed and a predictable ball motion is needed, switching to the Hammer Envy Tour Pearl makes sense.

Hammer Envy Tour 2.469 .034 .013 (45°x4-1/2”x35°) • Envy Solid 500, 1000 Siaair
I previously compared this ball before its release date, my observations still stand and the report can be found on the FTF website under the Comparison Reports tab. The Hammer Envy Tour should be in every serious competitor’s bag. It’s just a great motion that is versatile across many patterns and volumes. If you like keeping your angles more in front of you, you can. If you want to get around it a little more to get a later yet still have a smooth reaction, you can do that too. Both the Envy Tour Solid and Envy Tour Pearl are drilled the same and can be a great compliment to each other or a better choice for bowler’s with less speed and matched or are slightly rev dominant. Higher rev and speed bowlers have also said they like the control the Hammer Envy Tour gives them. See? Versatile! 

Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl 2.469 .034 .013 (55°x4-1/2”x35°) • TourV2 Pearl 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/Factory Compound
What can I say? I love this ball, but it is no longer in production. The controllable core shape and numbers just matches up well to me and many other styles of bowlers. The comparison should be interesting as the core and finish is the same for the new Hammer Envy Tour Pearl. The Envy formulation seemed a little stronger than the TourV2 formula. The drilling angle is slightly different but wouldn’t be visible to the eye as transition happens very quickly in my area. The HK22 base will tell the story.

Hammer Envy Tour- With early morning fresh, I could use the Envy Tour due to the smooth motion the cover and core combo provides when the ball hits friction. Dry is not a choice for this cover. The ball has some lane shine and I touched up the cover by hand for this comparison. Getting one shot with my angles slightly open (Sliding 21, targeting 10 and focal point the 10 pin) the Envy Solid had a good read from oil to friction. Carry was good, but knowing how fast this center transitions fast outside of 10, I moved in a bit. Sliding 22 (instep) targeting at the arrows was 13 and the focal point was the 6 pin. Striking from here was easier and there were little signs of over/under again due to the Envy Sold cover.

Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl- This was a more friendly choice moving closer to the friction, but still had to stay inside of 10 at the arrows. Of course, it’s a few feet longer than the Envy Tour, but the shape is still there. A better choice for medium patterns with some hold to the left and friction to the right. This ball always came with me went I went into competition. Should have grabbed a couple when they were retired. One of the things that happened with the Obsession Tour Pearl is when lanes crashed, this ball still wanted to pick up a bit too early. Added axis rotation helped, but only for so long. If there was more volume in, the Obsession Tour could still be used. It just didn’t have a super quick response to friction with the lower diff core. When it read, it read smoothly.

Hammer Envy Tour Pearl- Good things come to those who wait. Since I didn’t grab more Obsession Tour Pearls, Hammer made the choice easier. “Let’s make a great ball even better”. Adding the base HK22 formulation has created what will replace the Obsession Tour Pearl and let me use it longer. The ball is clean through the conditioner and the ball roll through the lane is very readable. Its fantastic core, stabilizes and creates a motion that is pleasant to many bowlers’ eyes. I truly believe we will be seeing many of these on the racks for competition. I tried 3 different hand positions from approximately the same setup while changing my launch angles and focal points. All three struck with ease. This shows a great versatility and no need for “trick layouts”. Put in your favorite layout and go to town. Up the back of the ball I could get the ball to 12 @ 40’ and out to 5 at 40’ with much more axis rotation and tilt. With my most used release, the ball was at 9 @ 40’. Again, all struck…hard. Keep in mind the ball did go further down the lane than 40’ with different releases, I just used that distance as a common location target. The response is quicker and can be used longer if needing to move in and create more shape with a release adjustment. The Envy Tour Pearl might not be the first ball out on heavier volumes, but I can see it used a lot after some traffic has gone down the lanes. If you bowl on higher friction lanes or less volumes, this will be a great match up!

With the purchase of either the Hammer Extreme Envy or the Hammer Envy Tour Pearl (see related Comparison Report), you can receive a free Hammer Hoodie or Pullover (A $70 value!). Check the Hammer website for more info! Be sure to follow the directions to get your SWAG!

These are my observations on how I compared the balls on a 12:1 42’ daily pattern with added buff to 48’. Your results may vary depending on your release specs, skill set & lane environments. Ball choices, surfaces and layouts should be considered before making a purchase to get the benefits of every bowling ball. 

As always, what you bowl on and more importantly your release numbers and skill set will determine your choice in equipment. You can always contact me with any questions or schedule a consultation session on your personal release specs or current equipment. For more information, please visit the Coaching & Consulting page on our website at www.filltheframes.com or you may call or text me at (310) 784-1901. Thanks, be well & safe!

Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services