Hammer Effect Comparison

Welcome to Fill The Frames Bowling Services’ ball comparison report of the Hammer Effect. We continue to present more information to help you make a better choice in equipment replacements or additions.

Hammer Effect 2.470 .050 .017 (40° x 5” x 50°) • HK22 – Cohesion Pearl 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound
Comparison to the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid, Hammer Envy Tour Pearl & Hammer Hazmat
There is a lot of new tech in the Hammer Effect. HK22 has been a hot topic since its introduction. The chemists have not been sitting on their laurels. They have created different versions of the HK22 base. Yes, they still create different reactions with additive packages, but this is new. If you have seen the HK22+ Solid balls, you would have a feeling that a new pearl was on the way. Here it is on the new Hammer Effect and its called HK22 Cohesion Pearl. What makes this pearl different is its properties to “stick to the lane” even in the conditioner. Hammer believes this is the strongest motion than previously seen from polished pearls. Of course, the cover can’t do it alone. The Effect has the new Huntsman core which takes attributes from 2 classic and dependable cores- the Vibe and Gas Mask. With these numbers and new cover, the ball motion is a strong change of direction when encountering friction even with the HK22 Cohesion cover treading better in the mid lane. The layout on this one is different for me. Not quite pin down, but a slightly less drilling angle and a larger VAL angle than I am used to due to may higher track. It pins the DOT in my ring finger and if I went a little longer the DOT could split my bridge and be OK. I can do this with the benefit of the Effect having D.O.T which opens up the drilling options while keeping the warranty valid. Please note that all are box finish and they are identical. This comparison was done after a morning Trio league and there was almost untouched conditioner from 12 board in.

We invite you to visit the Bowling Buckosh page at Bowling Buckosh Hammer Effect where you can get the entire tech on new cores and covers as they are released. For ball reaction and comparison videos, please visit the BrunsNick page at Hammer Effect- BrunsNick and for those who use the lighter weights, look for the Effect 15lb vs. 13lb video.


Hammer Envy Tour Pearl 2.469 .034 .013 (45° x 4-1/2” x 35°) • HK22 Envy Pearl 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound
This is one of my favorite balls due to the Obsession Tour Core. Stronger than a sym in the right place on the lane. With there still being head oil and the track area broken down a bit, the angles were good a little closed with the feet at 23, 12 at the arrows and a focal point of the 6 pin.

Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid 2.500 .058 .016 (45° x 5” x 25°) • HK22 – Aggression Hybrid 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound
A comparison has to be the Black widow 2.0 Hybrid with the fabled Gas Mask Core. This Black Widow was one of the most useful for me in the friction of the local centers. This ball was a little earlier in the mid lane than the Envy Tour Pearl. The strike alignment was 2/2 left at 25/14 and the focal point stayed the same at the 6 pin. If I got a little fast, there would be some wiggle. More friction or transition is needed.

Hammer Hazmat 2.479 .055 (4-3/4” x 30°) • HK22 – Semtex Hybrid 500, 1000, 1500/Crown Factory Compound
The Hazmat is the strongest sym in the current Hammer line. Clean in the conditioner and a quick, but rounded response off the end of the pattern. It does face up if the friction is hit to the outside too close to me. This core is big and I had to move left to 27/14 and the focal point open up a bit to in between the 6/10. This ball wanted to pick up earlier just as I described in its comparison report. Using a faster hand motion I could get it to strike, but keeping it in the oil and going to a more rolly release provided a better reaction. I think hitting the surface slightly will blend it out for daily patterns or I’ll leave it and use it for tournaments with flatter ratios.

Hammer Effect 2.470 .050 .017 (40° x 5” x 50°) • HK22 – Cohesion Pearl 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound
Where the Hazmat struggled and using the same alignment, the Effect was great. Clean with a strong recovery without being too angular. As I moved in (29/19/ Focal at the 10 pin) and slowed the speed down, I added more axis rotation and the motion was still clean and a little more angular. I went right to see it I could roll up the back and while it did look possible, the track area was worn down from the league. I hesitate to say I could use the Effect on fresh as I see it as a transition piece. Seeing how the shape changed, I believe heavy handed bowlers can use it but use a softer hand and get the motion they like to see. You can really see the Effect go through its ball procession and make that easier to read and adjust. When this ball matches up, it is a monster. I think patience and knowing where it fits in one’s arsenal will make if a great addition for many bowlers. Going back to the layout, it is new for me and the flare rings were on the big side of separation. Looks like I will be adding a second Effect with a layout close to my normal or asyms or maybe a little different. Personally, I may touch the surface and remove the compound to blend it out a little more. Never be hesitant to play with your surfaces, you could find something very different and useable. If you don’t like it, you can also adjust it back.

You can find more technical information here – Hyperkinetic22 and DOT. 

Ask your favorite retailer what could work in your benefit. If you are an FTF client and I have done an Arsenal Evaluation for you, you can contact us and we can see if any ball can fit in your ball selections.

We hope enjoyed this review and got some information to help you make the choice to add the Hammer Effect to your arsenal. Feel free to contact FTF with your questions. Please be specific, that way I can get you the best possible answer for you. Our best advice is to get an honest feedback on your skill set. This will determine your choice in equipment which can benefit you on the lanes. Understanding what you bowl on for the majority of the time helps greatly, too. You can always contact me with any questions or schedule a consultation session on your personal release specs or current equipment. For more information, please visit the Coaching & Consulting page on our website at www.filltheframes.com or you may call or text me at (310) 784-1901. Thanks, be well & safe!

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