Brunswick Rhino (WWRD 4/18/2024)

Hello April!

This month is a unique one in the releases and the removals of some iconic faceplates. From what we are seeing the days are numbered on the Ebonite Maxim line. However, the popular colors are being moved into other poly lines. There are also quite a number of balls being retired. So there will be replacements within their respective lines. For all of them the WWRD is 4/18/2024, so get your pre-orders in so you can have yours on release day!

All bowling balls (except Polys) have a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Brunswick Rhino

@15lbs 2.524 .03010-16 lbs Alternate Core 11-12 lbs • Volume - Light• Core - Light Bulb • Coverstock - R-16
One of the most iconic labels is the Brunswick Rhino. Most people see the Rhinos as an Entry level ball. While it can be, it also is a great choice for everyday use on high friction (hooking) lanes. With a diff of .30, control is what is preferred for straighter angles and control while having a proper ball motion. The 2024 Rhino line has 4 Pearls in different color combos (including this one) and a solid version in the Magenta/Purple/Navy. Don’t let the price fool you on this popular ball.
Box Surface - 500/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish • Color - Carbon/Lime/Silver • Recommended Cleaner - Power House Ball Cleaner  

Don’t forget to register your equipment on the corresponding manufacturer’s website. I’d also like to ask you and your friends to follow all the Brands under the Brunswick umbrella and Bowling Buckosh feeds on social media to get the newest information. Again, you can contact me with any questions at or (310) 784-1901.

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