Hammer Arctic Vibe Comparison

Welcome to Fill The Frames Bowling Services’ ball comparison report of the Hammer Arctic Vibe. We continue to present more information to help you decide on better choices for equipment replacements or additions.

Hammer Arctic Vibe – 2.510 .042 (4-3/4” x 30°) • HK22 – CT Max Hybrid 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound

Comparison to the Hammer Purple Solid Reactive, Hammer Raw Solid and Hammer Ocean Vibe
The Vibe core is one of those in the industry that has proven itself over and over through the changes in the bowling environment. The cover changes are what was/is necessary for the changing lane surface frictions and lane conditioners. One of FTF’s principles is to help bowlers understand which equipment matches their skill set, environment and competitive needs. The Vibe series has always had a place in every bowler’s bag. They are great choices for recreational, league and tournament bowlers. Recreational- a great choice as a first reactive ball. League- Depending on your environment and/or style, they can be your first ball or a step down as the lane transitions. Tournament- Step downs or a ball to combat high friction from the start. I can’t remember the time when there were 3 different Vibes out at the same time. 2 yes, but not 3. Currently there is the Reactive Vibe (HK22 CT Reactive Max Solid-7/13/2023) which FTF has not bowled with and the Ocean Vibe (7/8/2022) which is in this comparison report. The difference in the Arctic Vibe is that is the first Hybrid Vibe and it also has the HK 22 base formula. One of the greatest values for the price point. If you don’t have an option from the bigger balls, take a look at the Vibe line.

One of thing things we see with daily patterns due to the higher ratio is they mask what balls can do when they encounter friction, I started warming up as I usually do on fresh. This comparison was after a trio league and not many bowlers on that pair ever hit left on 12 at the arrows so inside the Purple solid, Raw Hammer and the Ocean look almost the same and struck. The difference was minor but in the shape and when it happened. The alignment was the same from 12 to 8/9 at 43’ (focal point the 6 pin), where they separated was opening the angles and that will be explained below. 

Hammer Purple Solid Reactive – 2.586 .027 (5” x 30°) • Solid Reactive 500, 1500 Siaair
Probably my favorite ball as a benchmark in a long time. But as with all things, at this writing it has moved to the retired list. There are a couple of choices I think will replace it. One is the Track Cypher and the other may be the Arctic Vibe. Bowling on friction, control is needed and that’s what the Purple Solid did for me. Yes it doesn’t hook a lot, but it does in the right places and has a predictable shape. With the same core that is in the fabled Purple Urethane Pearl, the diff is .012 higher (@ .027) in the solid and that’s due to the density of the covers. The Arctic Vibe is at .042 before drilling and a quicker response to friction cover. With the pattern opened up to the right and still fresh, the Purple Solid was fantastic and I could see playing there and slowly shifting in would work. Remember this is bowling alone and the transition will be different with other bowlers and what surface and where they are comparatively. 

Raw Hammer Solid – 2.537 .038 (4-3/4” x 30°) • Juiced Solid 500, 1500, 3000 Siaair
Another great value line for Hammer is the Raw Hammer line. The Solid comes with a strong solid cover that was on the Hammer Fugitive Solid (5/20/2021). In my area to keep closer to the preset cliff on daily patterns the Raw Solid was my benchmark. This was replaced by the Purple Solid. The cover was lane shined and this ball was cleaner than the Purple Solid with a bit more shape off the pattern. A cover refresh and this ball would be back in a benchmark slot.

Hammer Ocean Vibe – 2.510 .042 (4” x 35°) • CT Reactive Plus Pearl 500, 1000, 2000/Crown Factory Polish
The Ocean Vibe is the cleanest ball in the Vibe line, but that doesn’t mean it the straightest. The dynamic Vibe core produces some shape and the Ocean is not super angular, but it is the top of the hill in the current Vibe line. As lanes get older and centers’ reduce conditioner volumes, cleaner covers and low to med diffs are a good choice. Again, close to the oil line all three were close but moving into the volume the Ocean Vibe did not recover and maybe tickled the head pin. 

Hammer Arctic Vibe – 2.510 .042 (4-3/4” x 30°) • HK22 – CT Max Hybrid 500, 1000, 1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound
The Arctic Vibe I received has the majority of the purple swirl pattern was on the track side of the ball and it didn’t become visible until near the end of the midlane. It seemed like the Arctic Vibe was clean as or cleaner than the Purple Solid and Raw but was much stronger when it hit friction. The snow color is a little hard for me to see the rotation, so I tagged my PAP with a black sticker. After that I could see the ball was a longer in the volume and more forward than I’d like to see. This is definitely due to the age of the lanes. I see out of the box on maybe a little more blended medium-light pattern to be better for my specs. On a separate test at another center with even more lane friction, I saw the same type of reaction. I decided to remove the Factory Compound and that got the hook window longer while still getting through the fronts with the HK22 CT Max Hybrid cover. Never be hesitant to adjust a cover to open your options on any ball. Bowlers that are speed dominant and balls like the Ocean Vibe aren’t enough and bigger cover/core balls are too much due to lane friction the Arctic Vibe is one to fill this slot and it’s another great option at this price point.

You can find more technical information here – Hyperkinetic22.

Ask your favorite retailer what could work in your benefit. If you are an FTF client and I have done an Arsenal Evaluation for you, you can contact us and we can see if any ball can fit in your ball selections.

We hope enjoyed this review and got some information to help you make the choice to add the Hammer Arctic Vibe to your arsenal. Feel free to contact FTF with your questions. Please be specific, that way I can get you the best possible answer for you. Our best advice is to get an honest feedback on your skill set. This will determine your choice in equipment which can benefit you on the lanes. Understanding what you bowl on for the majority of the time helps greatly, too.  You can always contact me with any questions or schedule a training or consultation session on your current equipment. For more information, please visit the Coaching & Services page on our website at www.filltheframes.com or you may call or text messages to (310) 784-1901. Thanks, be well & safe!

Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services