Hammer Hazmat Solid (WWRD 07/11/2024)

More Summer Releases!

This week BowlExpo is happening in Denver, CO. We will be hearing of many new releases and that includes bags, shoes and accessories. FTF will share a link or have a downlodable PDF for those catalogs so you can look over the new choices and plan for the new season. Pre-orders are the way to go with you favorite retailer. Most of the catalogs and all ball links can be found here FTF Equipment Page. We do update the site often, so please check back. The WWRD is 7/11/2024 for these 3 pieces, so get your pre-orders in so you can have yours on release day! Our New Release List will have the August releases and you will see our take on them very soon.

All bowling balls (except Polys) have a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Hammer Hazmat Solid 

A big sym has returned to the Hammer line! The Hazmat Solid is the heavy oil counterpart to the Hazmat (11/16/2023) which has the HK22 base and the Semtex Hybrid additive package. However, the solid does not have HK22 and that means an earlier traction in the mid-lane and backend. In the FTF review, the original Hazmat was a bit too strong for what I see in my area. Even though it is shiny and has the HK22 base to help it clear the fronts, when the ball encountered friction it wanted to go. I needed either more volume or more oil at the end of the pattern to use efficiently. Higher speed bowlers relay enjoyed to the original and it sits in my tournament bag waiting for its moment. Now with the solid, that motion has been bumped up quite a bit. More volume is needed, although higher speed bowlers with a lower rev rate ration will really enjoy this ball. It is stronger than Hammer’s last solid sym, the Hammer Dark Web (7/8/22) with a lower RG and higher diff. Surface changes have been made and this can be a phenomenal piece when all the parts get dialed in for each bowler’s style and environment. It should fit under the Hammer Black Widow 3.0.
Box Surface - 500/2000 Siaair • Color - Onyx/Lime/Purple • Recommended Cleaner - Power House Clean N’ Dull  www.HammerBowling.com

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Juan Fonseca
Fill The Frames Bowling Services
Hammer U.S. Staff – California