Arsenal Evaluations

Arsenal Evaluations Explained

Arsenal Evaluation & Consultation
(6 ball maximum. 7 or more will incur higher fees)

At a center or request an at home analysis by appointment only.

Ever wonder why a ball "Doesn't do what I want it to do?"
Understanding your bowling equipment is vital so you don't buy the wrong ball for you or repeat purchasing a similar ball. We will create a report after analyzing your arsenal complete with suggestions on adjustments, replacements or additions built around your budget. A report will be sent approximately one week after evaluation. Click on the samples to the right to see a fuller example of the amount of detail that goes into each evaluation. This evaluation was done prior to the bowler beginning to prepare for the 2023 USBC Open Championships.

Evaluation Samples

Arsenal Notes - A summary of where each ball falls into the bowler's lineup, offers suggested replacements & possible additions to fill gaps.
Arsenal Overview - Lists the cover stock, cores, recommended oil volumes, and specifications of each ball in the bowler's arsenal (RG, Diff, etc.). 
Full Arsenal Comparison Grid - This chart gives an easy, visual representation of "where the balls fall" in relation to each other, based on hook & length potential.

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