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USBC explains specification related to new gripping layouts
ARLINGTON, Texas –The United States Bowling Congress Equipment Specifications and Certifications Team recently analyzed new ball gripping layouts being used to create different ball reactions and how it affects specifications for bowling balls.  READ MORE

Kegel Topography Study
Great information! Trust your eyes and make the appropriate moves to make your scoring chances higher.

USBC Bowling Technology Study
USBC has spent more than two years looking at technology in bowling to determine its impact on the sport.
The Bowling Technology Study presents the in-depth research by the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team, independent surveys with participants, center owners and pro shop operators, along with focus groups of proprietors and pro shop owners, and a summit of bowling leaders. The full report is HERE on

A USBC Certs & Specs Story: Topography
Check out the great video that helps explain some of the mystery of why a ball reacts so differently from lane to lane.

USBC Modifies Gripping Hole Rules
See more here.

The 11th Frame: Biggest source of inequity in bowling is relatively unknown factor: lane topography
Jeff Richgels has done it again! This informative blog details the important part topography plays in bowling. Link to Jeff's blog, The 11th Frame.

House Shot VS Tournament Shot
A common question is "why do we need so many different bowling balls, aren't they all the same?" In today's bowling environment, the simple answer is, "NO"! Here's a couple of great videos to illustrate this point.

What's the difference?
Click on House shot vs. US Open to learn what you bowl on and what the pros face in the Major tournaments. Great information! 

How do the lanes change?
Click here to see a great link on oil transitions. Learn this and bowl better every time!

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