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Current FTF Coaching Rates (Updated August 2023)

Bowler Services
Bowler Specifications & Grip CheckPositive Axis Point (PAP), Axis Rotation (AR), Axis Tilt (AT), Speed & Rev Rate.
Having this information is necessary to help you and your shop technician work together to make better equipment and layout choices suited for your style and help increase your scores. To be accurate, your numbers and grip should be reviewed yearly or if there is an injury, ball weight or major fit adjustment. A PDF copy will be sent for your files.
On lane analysis Contact us for appointment availability (Lineage additional)
Arsenal Evaluation & Consultation
(6 ball maximum. 7 or more will incur higher fees)
Ever wonder why a ball "Doesn't do what I want it to do?"
Understanding your bowling equipment is vital so you don't buy the wrong ball for you or repeat purchasing a similar ball. We will create a report after analyzing your arsenal complete with suggestions on adjustments, replacements or additions built around your budget. A report will be sent approximately one week after evaluation.
At a center or request an at home analysis by appointment only
Coaching Services
One on One, Doubles or Team, Private Sessions AvailableOur offerings range from a Mini Session to 2 hour Premium sessions that suit your needs. Coaching fees do not include a center's lineage. Locally there are limited lanes, times and sometimes higher lane fees. If you have a league discount on lineage, this may be beneficial to you. Please check with your current center.
Appointments must be made in advance so a location and time can be reserved, if possible.
Fees below are for personal sessions. If more than one bowler, please request a quote.
Mini Session
30 Minutes
Offered when a multiple of sessions are booked at the same center.
Please check our calendar for a Coaching Day near you.
Full Session
1 hour
After a quick Q&A about your concerns, we will give you a grip check, observe and record your current skills, then create drills and form a plan help you to reach and surpass your goals.$60.00
A non-refundable deposit may be required
Premium Session
2 hours
We will begin with Q&A to gather information. We will get on the lanes to record your release specs and explain the numbers. We will do a grip check. We will explain ball motion, ranking your equipment and make suggestions that will give you more options to increase your pin carry.$120.00
A non-refundable deposit may be required
Media Consulting and Bowling Advisor SpecialistPerformer enhancement, technical coordination, stand in ball motion live action and more. Please contact us by email with your special bowling services requests.CALL FOR QUOTE
Credit cards are accepted for all sessions and are subject to processing fees. Cancellations must be made prior to 24 hours prior to your appointment time.

Book Your Torch X Session!

FTF is excited to bring a new training tool to help your game- The Kegel TorchX! There is an additional fee for the TorchX during a session. 
Contact us and we can set up a session using the TorchX. (Locations and times limited). 
Attached is an example of a TorchX Day that was recently held and sold out at Gardena Bowl.