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Our service hours are subject to change,  please check our Google calendar for updates. You can also call us at (310)784-1901.

Who We Are!

Fill The Frames Bowling Services is owned and operated by Juan Fonseca. With over 40 years in the bowling industry, he continues to learn as many aspects of ball design, construction and motion as possible as well as new fitting techniques. This allows his clients to trust his recommendations regarding fit, layouts and surface management in order to get top performance out of their equipment or to make an informed decision regarding their next purchase.

As a USBC Silver level coach, Juan has worked with PBA players, top amateurs, league and casual bowlers to take their game to the next level or higher. He also has been involved with coaching with top ball companies to endorse their products.

This knowledge has brought the attention of television shows where he has worked as a consultant, and bowled or fit equipment for actors on shows such as Married with Children (twice), Rosanne, a national Budweiser commercial, House, M.D. and Rules of Engagement.

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For information regarding coaching sessions, arsenal evaluations, clinics and consultations, contact us via this simple form! You can also call us at (310) 784-1901, then follow the Google Voice instructions. If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail or you can also email us at Thank You!