Demo Day

Thursday, September 26th - EBI 4 Brand Demo Day

Our next EBI Demo Day will be September 26th @ Palos Verdes Bowl from 4pm to 6:30pm. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot now! There is a $20 reservation fee. A complete list of balls is listed on the event flyer, please download below!

Looking for a demo in the area, Check out the Ebonite International Demo Program FB page!!

To sign up contact: (310) 784-1901 or email us at

How a Demo Works

You can try out various balls from different brands without purchasing the ball. How is this possible? Though Ebonite’s patented process using interchangeable thumbs and fingers, we will fit the demo ball to your hand span. Various spans will be available.
Important: All balls are fingertip grips with inserts and weigh 14 or 15 lbs. With the exception of mini-demos, which are only available in 15#.

If you have ever wanted to try some new equipment, this event is for you! We will be here to answer any questions and make suggestions for help you knock down more pins!

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