FTF Inventory – Accessory List

FTF Accessory List

FTF will update this list periodically. Updated 11/03/22. Some items maybe sold, please contact us with any questions. Each price is for an individual item. Price does not include shipping from CA, PayPal G&S fees or CC processing fees which are slightly higher due to our vendor. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for your interest.
FTF Accessory List    
Brunswick Defense shoe coverBlack2S$ 10.00
Brunswick Defense shoe coverBlue5S$ 10.00
Brunswick Defense shoe coverPink2S$ 10.00
Brunswick Shoe ShieldBlack1M$ 10.00
Brunswick Shoe ShieldBlack1XL$ 10.00
Brunswick Shoe ShieldBlack2XXL$ 10.00
Brunswick Shoe ShieldBlue2M$ 10.00
Brunswick Shoe ShieldBlue1L$ 10.00
Brunswick Shoe ShieldBlue1XXL$ 10.00
Brunswick Shoe ShieldPink1S$ 10.00
Brunswick Shoe ShieldPink1M$ 10.00
Brunswick TPU-X Heel RH2Blue Shark Tooth210-11.5$ 13.00
Brunswick TPU-X Heel RH2Blue Shark Tooth212-13$ 13.00
Brunswick TPU-X Heel RH5Grey Grad. Rubber510-11.5$ 13.00
Brunswick TPU-X Heel RH5Grey Grad. Rubber412-13$ 13.00
Brunswick TPU-X SolesBlue Suede1RH4$ 18.00
Brunswick TPU-X SolesPerf. White Micro.4RH6$ 18.00
Dexter Horseshoe H1Red2S$ 15.00
Dexter Leading Edge Heels H61S$ 16.00
Dexter MAX Power Step T3+Small16.5-9$ 32.00
Dexter MAX Power Step T3+Large113-15$ 32.00
Dexter Shoe Covers W 8-10, W 6.5-8.5Grey/Blk1S$ 17.00
Dexter Shoe Covers W 11, M 9-12Grey/Blk1M$ 17.00
Dexter Shoe Covers M 13-15Grey/Blk1L$ 17.00
Dexter SST Aero Traction T24.5-9.51S$ 17.50
Dexter SST S12Black1Cut to size$ 17.50
Dexter SST S32/41Cut to size$ 17.50
Dexter SST S56/42Cut to size$ 17.50
Dexter SST S78/62Cut to size$ 17.50
Dexter SST S8White1Cut to size$ 17.50
Dexter SST Traction 2 HYF10-151LG$ 17.50
Dexter THE9 sole 2Brown1M$ 27.00
Dexter Ultra H2Burgundy1L$ 15.00
Ebonite Brass Shoe BrushBlue2$ 9.00
Hammer Shoe CoverDiamond2$ 16.00
Hammer Shoe CoverPurple3$ 16.00
Hammer Shoe SliderBlack41 size FA$ 12.00
HMK Large Shoe BrushBlack4$ 6.00
HMK Shoe BrushTan17$ 4.50
Master Tru Slide (Teflon)1$ 10.00
Robby's No Wet FootPink1XXL$ 12.00
Robby's No Wet FootPink1XXL$ 12.00
Storm Shoe SliderBlack3$ 12.00
Ampac Bowling GloveBlack2LHM$ 18.00
Ampac Bowling GloveBlack2LHS$ 18.00
Ampac Bowling GloveBlack2LHXL$ 18.00
Ampac Bowling GloveBlack1RHXL$ 18.00
Ampac Premium Wrist BraceBlack1LHM$ 22.00
Ampac Premium Wrist BraceBlack1LHS$ 22.00
Brunswick Power XXX GloveBlack/Grey1LHM$ 24.00
Brunswick Power XXX GloveBlack/Grey1LHS$ 24.00
Ebonite React/R GloveBlack1LHXL$ 20.00
Ebonite React/R GloveBlack1RHL$ 20.00
Ebonite React/R GloveBlack1RHXL$ 20.00
Hammer Tough GloveBlack/Orange1RHXL$ 19.00
Master Deluxe Wrist Glove #58Black/Blue1LHM$ 25.00
Master Deluxe Wrist Glove #58Black/Blue1LHS$ 25.00
Master Deluxe Wrist Glove #58Black/Blue1RHS$ 25.00
Master Elbow Thermo BandBlack2S$ 13.00
Master Elbow Thermo BandBlack3L$ 13.00
Master Elbow Thermo BandBlack1XL$ 13.00
Master WristmasterBlack1LHXL$ 19.00
Master WristmasterNavy1RHXL$ 19.00
Mongoose Clean ShotBlack1S$ 28.00
Mongoose Clean ShotBlack1XL$ 28.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlack1LHL$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlack2LHM$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlack1RHL$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlack1RHM$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlack2RHP$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlack1RHS$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlue1LHS$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlue1LHXL$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlue1RHL$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlue2RHS$ 22.00
Robby's Cool MaxBlue1RHXL$ 22.00
Robby's Cool Max (Trim is off color)Pink1LHL$ 20.00
Robby's Cool Max (Trim is off color)Pink2LHM$ 20.00
Robby's Cool Max (Trim is off color)Pink1LHP$ 20.00
Robby's Cool Max (Trim is off color)Pink2LHS$ 20.00
Robby's Cool Max (Trim is off color)Pink1RHM$ 20.00
Robby's Cool Max (Trim is off color)Pink1RHS$ 20.00
Robby's Cool Max (Trim is off color)Pink1RHS$ 20.00
Robby's Cool Max PlusBlack1RHS$ 22.00
Robby's Leather OriginalBlack1LHXL$ 24.00
Robby's Uli WristBlack/Blue1RHS$ 28.00
Robby's Uli WristBlack/Blue1RHXL$ 28.00
Robby's Wrist WrapBlue1S$ 19.00
Robby's Wrist WrapBlue1M$ 19.00
Robby's Wrist WrapBlue1XL$ 19.00
Turbo WristerBlue1M$ 17.00
Turbo WristerOrange1M$ 17.00
Turbo WristerPink1M$ 17.00
Turbo WristerOrange1S$ 17.00
Turbo WristerPink1S$ 17.00
Vision X Wrist SupportBlack1LHM$ 25.00
Vision X Wrist SupportBlack1LHS$ 25.00
Brunswick Thumb Saver (LH)Black4$ 9.00
Ebonite Mag Force Forearm SupportBlack1$ 20.00
Ebonite Premium Wrist LinerBlue1$ 11.00
Ebonite Tape 1" (30 ct)White4$ 6.00
Ebonite Tape 1" (30 ct)Black4$ 6.00
Ebonite Tape 3/4" (30 ct)White5$ 6.00
Ebonite Tape 3/4" (30 ct)Black1$ 6.00
Ebonite Tape 1/2" (30 ct)Black9$ 6.00
Ebonite Ultra Dry Hand Spray1$ 15.00
HMK Insert Tape Textured (32 ct)Silver31"$ 6.00
Kegel No Sweat5$ 12.00
Robby's Thumb SaverBlack2RH$ 9.00
Robby's Thumb Sock (2 ct)Blue2L$ 14.00
Robby's Thumb Sock (2 ct)Black1XL$ 14.00
Hummingbird Protection tapeBlack2roll$ 11.00
Turbo Fitting TapeBlue3roll$ 14.00
Turbo Fitting TapePurple2roll$ 14.00
Turbo Fitting TapeMint5roll$ 14.00
Turbo Fitting TapeDTB Black4roll$ 14.00
Turbo Fitting TapeDTB Blue1roll$ 14.00
Turbo Fitting TapeDTB Red2roll$ 14.00
Turbo Gamer Grip5$ 13.00
Turbo Pre Cut DTB Tape (30 ct)Red2$ 13.00
Turbo Pre Cut DTB Tape (30 ct)Blue1$ 13.00
Turbo Pre Cut DTB Tape (30 ct)Black1$ 13.00
Turbo Pre Cut Fitting Tape (30 ct)Beige2$ 13.00
Turbo Pre Cut Quick Release Tape (30 ct)Blue3$ 13.00
Turbo RevYellow2L$ 8.00
Turbo RevYellow1M$ 8.00
Turbo RevYellow1XL$ 8.00
Turbo RevIce1XL$ 8.00
Turbo Shur Cushion71/8"$ 2.00
Turbo Shur Cushion71/4"$ 2.00
Turbo Shur Hook (Cork)10$ 2.00
Vise Bio Skin ProBlueroll$ 18.00
Brunswick Hearts TowelPink116"x26"$ 10.00
Brunswick Snake TowelImage116"x26"$ 10.00
C300 Microfiber TowelTye Dye915"x15"$ 9.00
Ebonite Loomed TowelBlue1$ 13.00
Ebonite ShammyPurple18"x7.5"$ 22.00
Forrest Rosin Bag8$ 4.50
Hammer Microfiber TowelOrange216"x16"$ 12.00
Hammer ShammyBlk/Org28"x7.5"$ 22.00
Hammer ShammyBlk/Carbon18"x7.5"$ 22.00
HMK Grab BagJ Gordon1$ 5.00
HMK Grab BagWht Striped1$ 5.00
HMK Velour TowelLt Pink2$ 3.75
Master Ball N Pin Grips Sack1$ 3.75
Master Control Grip3$ 9.00
Master Giant Puff a Ball2-Blue/Y, 1 W/Y3$ 8.50
Track Sublimated Micro TowelBlack/Yellow116"x26"$ 12.00
Ultra Grip Hand Conditioner4$ 4.50
Ultra Grip Rosin Bag5$ 4.50
C300 Compression SleevePaint4XL$ 10.00
C300 Compression SleevePaint1S$ 10.00
C300 Compression SleevePaint3M$ 10.00
C300 Compression SleevePaint1L$ 10.00
C300 Compression SleeveTye Dye2XL$ 10.00
Ebonite Basic Ball CupBlack5$ 5.00
Ebonite Premium Ball CupBlue2$ 9.00
Gexco Mens Socks (ankle)White8$ 3.00
Hammer Premium Ball CupOrange2$ 9.00
Hammer Premium Ball CupPurple2$ 9.00
HMK Kids Sox 2208Lt. G/Drl G84-6$ 2.00
HMK Kids Sox 2208Drk G/Blk54-6$ 2.00
HMK Kids Sox 2208Wht/Drk G14-6$ 2.00
HMK Kids Sox 2208Wht/Lt. G44-6$ 2.00
HMK Mens SoxWht/grey7$ 3.00
HMK Womens Sox 2210Med Blue Trim1$ 2.00
HMK Womens Sox 2210Org Trim1$ 2.00
HYBC Head Games (Book)7$ 23.00
Master Black Buff a BallLt Blue Trim1$ 14.00
Master Black Buff a BallGold Trim2$ 14.00
Master White Buff a BallBlack Trim2$ 14.00
Master White Buff a BallBlueTrim3$ 14.00
Master White Buff a BallRed Trim4$ 14.00
PBA HALL OF FAMERS (Book) Len Nicholson2$ 26.00
Storm Trigger Comp SleeveBlue13XL$ 10.00
Track Premium Ball Cup1$ 9.00
Turbo Sandbagger Replacement41500/2500$ 11.00
Brunswick Rough Buff (Thickened)66 oz$ 7.00
Ebonite Energizer Cleaner25 oz$ 13.00
Ebonite Clean & Dull15oz$ 13.00
Ebonite Clean & Sheen2
5oz$ 13.00
Ebonite Reaction Plus15oz$ 13.00
Ebonite Factory Finish15oz$ 13.00
Ebonite Power Wash25oz$ 13.00
Ebonite Ultra Shine15oz$ 13.00
Ebonite Extract All Wipes2$ 14.00
Hammer Tough N Tacky Cleaner28 oz$ 16.00
Motiv Response Wipes (20 ct)1$ 11.00
Storm Reacta Skuff18oz$ 14.00
Storm U Clean U Score (Urethane ball cleaner)28oz$ 14.00
Turbo Driven To Bowl Tour Track JacketBlack/Red12XL$ 54.00
Turbo Stripe Polo Shirt
New, small stain on rt. shoulderWht/Blk Stripe/Grey12XL$ 35.00
Turbo Inserts Quad Ms. Quads, or S/B
Contact us for size/color availabilityVarious$ 4.00
Turbo Duo Color Urethane Thumb Solids
Contact us for size/color availabilityVarious$ 9.00
Turbo Xcel Thumb Insert (Round or Oval)
Contact us for size/color availabilityVarious$ 9.00
Vise Ultimate Vinyl Inserts (Round or Oval)
Contact us for size, black or whiteVarious$ 9.00
Various Patches
RG, Storm, Dexter, Track, USBC $ 5.00
Ebonite Premium Handle (299744-200200)
Fits Grand Tour 3/4, Fast Break 3/4 & Voyager 3$ 25.00

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