FTF Inventory – Ball List

FTF Ball List

FTF will update this list periodically. Updated 11/03/22. Some items maybe sold, please contact us with any questions. Each price is for an individual item. Price does not include shipping from CA, PayPal G&S fees or CC processing fees which are slightly higher due to our vendor. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for your interest.
FTF Ball List        
900GlobalSpare BallGold Black16-23.38D1G12225$ 115.00
900GlobalBoostBlack Solid11-12.740.7516GBSH17X109$ 85.00
900GlobalBoostBlack Solid11-21.451.0016GBSJ12W164$ 85.00
AZOAZO AreaRed/Midnight Blue14-122.252-1/4"M509ARAHUC087$ 150.00
BrunswickUppercutBlack/Gold Sparkle15-22.603-3/4"KM212132$ 130.00
BrunswickViz A BallIn-Viz-a-lane16-01.80N/AAGN2327$ 85.00
BrunswickViz A BallSuperman Icon6-00.60N/AAZ31467$ 100.00
BrunswickViz A BallScooby Doo12-6N/AARP4089$ 100.00
BrunswickViz A BallMickey & Friends12-63.00N/AKR67119$ 100.00
HammerTwistedBlack/Grey14-42.25N/A5L010269C$ 120.00

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