FTF Inventory – Shoe List

FTF Shoe List

FTF will update this list periodically. Updated 11/03/22. Some items maybe sold, please contact us with any questions. Each price is for an individual item. Price does not include shipping from CA, PayPal G&S fees or CC processing fees which are slightly higher due to our vendor. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for your interest.
FTF Shoe List     
900Global Classic ProLHWht/Pink17.5$ 85.00
Dexter AnaUniGrey19$ 55.00
Dexter DeannaRHBlk/Grey16.5$ 70.00
Dexter Groove 2UniBlk/Wht211W$ 42.00
Dexter HalleyUniWht/Blue25.5$ 40.00
Dexter KerrieUniGrey Twill17.5$ 50.00
Dexter Mary JaneUniPink/Sil18$ 50.00
Dexter Mary JaneUniPink/Sil111$ 50.00
Dexter Raquel IIIUniBlue15$ 33.00
Dexter Raquel IIIUniBlue15.5$ 33.00
Dexter Raquel IIIUniBlue26$ 33.00
Dexter Raquel IIIUniPink16$ 33.00
Dexter Raquel III WideUniBlue16$ 33.00
Dexter Raquel IVUniWht/Blue18.5$ 37.00
Dexter Raquel IVUniWht/Blue111$ 37.00
Dexter Raquel IV WideUniWht/Blue19$ 37.00
Dexter SuzannaUniNavy18.5$ 57.00
Dexter SST 8 LERHWht/Blk/Red16W$ 150.00
Dexter SST 1LHWhite17.5$ 100.00
Etonic Queen LadyRHWht/Blk36$ 100.00
KR LaceUniSky/Coral17$ 50.00
KR Nova LiteUniDenim16.5$ 43.00
KR Nova LiteUniAsh/Hot Pink110$ 46.00
KR QuestUniWht/Purple111$ 47.00
KR SatinUniWht/Pink110$ 33.00
KR SatinUniWht/Pink111$ 33.00
KR SpiritUniWht/Fuschia18$ 44.00
KR SpiritUniWht/Fuschia110$ 44.00
KR SpiritUniWht/Fuschia111$ 44.00
Storm SkyeUniWht/Blk/Multi17$ 42.00
900Global Classic Pro LHLHBlack17.5$ 85.00
Brunswick ArrowUniWht/Blk18$ 45.00
Brunswick Pro Tred LHLHBlk/Brown17$ 85.00
Brunswick Pro Tred LHLHBlk/Brown27.5$ 85.00
Brunswick Pro Tred LHLHBlk/Brown114$ 85.00
Dexter DexLite Pro BOARHBlk/Red19W$ 100.00
Dexter KeithUniWht/Blk/Neon115$ 50.00
Dexter JackUniBlk/Wht110$ 50.00
Dexter Ricky IIUniWhite17$ 33.00
Dexter Ricky IIUniWhite17.5$ 33.00
Dexter Ricky IIUniWhite18$ 33.00
Dexter Ricky IIUniWhite111.5$ 33.00
Dexter Ricky II WideUniWhite111W$ 33.00
Dexter SST 5 LX LHLHWhite16.5$ 95.00
Hammer BossRH or LHBlack/Gold111$ 155.00
Hammer ForceRHBlk/Org111.5$ 150.00
KR CrossfireUniBlack/Blue18.5$ 50.00
KR CrossfireUniBlack/Red110$ 50.00
KR KnightRHBlack111$ 68.00
KR KnightRHBlack111.5$ 68.00
KR Raptor (Wide)RHBlk/Lime29.5W$ 85.00
KR Racer LiteUniBlk/Lime18$ 50.00
KR TitanUniBlk/Roy18.5$ 50.00
KR WarriorUniBlk/Royal19$ 50.00
Dexter Raquel Jr.UniWht/Blue22$ 28.00
Dexter Raquel Jr.UniWht/Blue24$ 28.00
Dexter Ricky Jr.UniWht/Navy21$ 28.00
BSI Boys 00533UniBlack13$ 28.00
BSI Boys 00533UniBlack112$ 28.00
BSI Boys 00533 (Sole issue)UniWhite112$ 20.00
BSI Girls 00432UniWhite21$ 28.00
BSI Girls 00432UniWhite32$ 28.00
BSI Girls 00432UniWhite24$ 28.00
Linds Chip Boys 2103UniWhite13$ 28.00
Linds Demi Girls 2131UniWhite11$ 28.00
Linds Demi Girls 2131UniWhite12$ 28.00

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